BurlyCon’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Finishing School

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The BHoF Finishing School presents classes with burlesque Living Legends from the mid-twentieth century. Classes are held during the Burlesque Hall of Fame Exotic World Weekend in Las Vegas, and focus on lifestyle, skills, and history. These classes are a fantasticopportunity to receive information passed on directly from one of our most fragile resources: the performers of yesteryear.

Started in 2008, the Finishing School presents classes with Living Legends from the classic age of burlesque. Each year, several Legends teach a variety of small, intimate classes on subjects of their choosing. Past years have included topics such as “Dancing with Panel Skirts,” “Burlesque Costuming,” and “Vintage Bump & Grind Moves.” To give ample opportunity for the Legends to teach, we change instructors and classes yearly. Both the number of instructors and students are limited to ensure a good balance of full classes and personal attention. Any Legend receiving BHoF support to attend the Weekender is prohibited from offering classes outside of the Finishing School during that Weekender.

In curating, we attempt to present classes with the Legends with the most extensive histories in burlesque. The Finishing School is curated by Jo “Boobs” Weldon and Miss Indigo Blue, who serve as Co-Directors of Education for the Burlesque Hall of Fame as well as Co-Curators of BurlyCon. Indigo and Jo evaluate prospective instructors, administer contracts, manage finances, assist with curriculum and class materials, and provide on-site assistants for the instructors. For 2019, we are proud to have BurlyCon committee members Miss Catwings, Robyn Swing, Iva Handfull, and Lola Love as Administrative Assistants for this program.

In 2012, the Finishing School increased the number of Finishing School courses. We wished to offer more opportunities for contemporary performers to learn from these amazing instructors. We also changed policy to allow repeat instructors. We were grateful that we had the opportunity to have Joan Arline teach a second time, as she passed away not long after her second year of teaching. We are honored and grateful to have hosted the late Tura Satana, Candy “Baby” Carmello, and Joan Arline as instructors at the Finishing School.

Burlesque Legends will inspire you! They may also challenge you, thrill you, or even shock you, but they will never bore you. Come with an open-mind for perspectives you may not have expected to encounter, as well as for raw, unfiltered history you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Past Instructors

2008: Marinka, Wild Cherry, Tura Satana

2009: Big Fannie Annie, Toni Elling, Dee Milo

2010: Satan’s Angel, Candy “Baby” Carmello, Joan Arline

2011: Big Fannie Annie, April March, Marinka, Joan Arline, Tiffany Carter

2012: Jean Idelle, Ellion Ness, Bambi Jones, Camille 2000, Val Valentine

2013: Delilah Jones, Camille 2000, Tiffany Carter, Judith Stein, Gina BonBon, Toni Elling

2014: Gypsy Louise, Holiday O’Hara, Judith Stein, Tai Ping, Toni Elling

2015: Gabriella Maze, Bic Carrol, Lottie the Body, Rita Alexander, Val Valentine

2016: Ellion Ness, Trina Parks, Dee Milo, Kim Gaye, Suzette Fontaine

2017: Marinka, Viva La Fever, Val Valentine, Penny Starr Sr.

2018: Lola Foxx, Camille 2000,Gina Bon Bon, Dusty Summers, Shawna the Black Venus